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Buddha Bar, Arts Factory, Byron Bay

rain 24 °C

The weather today wasn’t very co-operative. Had showers most of the day. We ventured out early got showered on and decided we need to read a book for awhile. While out and about decided that raincoats would probably be a good investment. We were determined to make it to the Light house. Around 3:30 the weather looked a little better (and Dean and John were bored beyond tears) so with our raincoats in hand, we beyond our hike. Down the beach, around the corner and started our upward climb. After following a sign which told us the Lighthouse up this way, we came out at a road….this didn’t appear right so down we went, then I asked directions (catch that little pun, women) and we thereafter proceeded up the correct way. The views up to the Lighthouse were stunning and it is at this end of the beach that many more surfers were out. It was quite amazing. So, we have now been at the most easterly point of Australia, literally.

Last night the hostel at entertainment which was a one man band who uses the ditigerdoo. It was very good and his music was very captivating. Meet some fine Australian women and had some interesting conversations.

On the bright side, I have found a coffee to get my morning wakeup jolt. I have found that I enjoy the cappucino. An interesting note is that on the takeout cups in Aussie, the lids are designed like sippy cups…as I sip I revert to my mothering days..at least I don’t spill..ha, ha!

Little Buddhas be prepared, we have opened a bar in Byron Bay for you all…take a look…couldn’t quit believe the name. Your dreams have come true so come on down!!!

Tomorrow we off to Mulliwambah to visit the farm where Dean woofed for 16 days. It is actually not an organic farm (as I thought) rather it is apparently a Christian farm stay place. Dean really enjoyed himself there while working 4 hours a day helping Alex to ready the cabins for their home business.

Here's a few photos taken today

IMG_5677.jpgArts Factory Hostel, Byron Bay

Arts Factory Hostel, Byron Bay

On the way up to the Lighhouse

On the way up to the Lighhouse

I think we can see Saskatchewan from here...lol

I think we can see Saskatchewan from here...lol

Arts Factory Hostel, Byron Bay

Arts Factory Hostel, Byron Bay

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Arts Factory at Byron Bay

rain 24 °C

March 10

Very, very windy day. Waves were very ugly at Surfer’s Paradise. Caught the 15.00 bus to Byron Bay…yes, you read that right, only 15.00 to travel 60 miles or so. Finally hit a deal. There is no doubt, OZ is expensive in a lot of areas. Booze for one…beers are running between $5 to $7 Oz dollars and cocktails (which I prefer) are between $8 and $14. Buying at the liquor store is definitely cheaper. Food is another real expense with the meals usually running pretty close to $15 per person without beverage.

At Byron Bay, we checked into the Arts Factory-a hostel which still cost $90 for John and I to say in a room that is 8 x 18 with the bathroom down the way. It is an experience. Actually, all is okay and I even saw some people older than us here…lol. This town is quite a difference from Surfer’s. It is very diverse in age and age doesn’t matter, young hippies, old hippies, all types and sizes. Much smaller than Surfer’s but nicer in feel.

The beach is even more beautiful than Surfer’s and the sand is squeaky (so Dean says). Tomorrow we are hiking to the Lighthouse which is the most easterly point of Australia, so send some A535 as our hips are a little tired already.IMG_5667.jpg

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On to Byron Bay

semi-overcast 26 °C

March 9

A windy overcast day but unlike Canada, this wind is always warm. The temperature reached 25, so the billboard that I can see from our balcony says but the sun really had a hard time to find its way out of the clouds. It appears that Cyclone Hamish who was hanging around the northern coast has sent some extra wind down this way. Most of the day was terribly windy with the odd shower thrown in. Nothing much but definitely not a beach day. The surfers are not trying the waves in this weather.

You know the one thing I am missing….drip coffee. Australia is all about specialty coffee and so you get two deadly squirts of a strong bitter substance and then you fill the rest of the cup with milk or cream. Usually also requires some sugar and then it is only bearable while it is hot. I like stronger coffee but the bitterness, I could do without. It’s pretty bad when you enjoy the instant coffee supplied by the room better than the 3.50 or more a cup stuff. Second cups are mostly unheard of and I can understand why. Think I’ll have to become a tea granny.

Did a lot of just walking around and checking out Surfer’s. As Lonely Planet describes it…”if Surfer’s Paradise were a person, it would be Paris Hilton: flashy, trashy, always up for a party and big on style and self promotion”. It was a great place to visit but unless you’re into that scene, it’s time to move on. Shopping is big…speaking of which…I couldn’t believe that I came all the way to Australia to find silver “Fitflops”. I was quick to buy myself a pair, they also had brown, blue and red. For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about, they are the best flipflops that I have ever had. Durable, practical, great walking flipflops with support. That was definitely a highlight of the day!

I am very pleased that we had a room on the 15th floor with a balcony with a view of the ocean and the other highrises. Really gave some perspective to this place and Dean and John got to watch the construction zone with the 3 big hammerhead cranes work. One of the wonderful things that I will remember from here is the mouth watering smells. Early morning on the balcony and all I can smell is fresh bread then all day long it’s wonderful bbq smells….this place just makes me hungry.

Tomorrow we are off to Byron Bay. Taking the bus down and hopefully the weather will be less windy. The forecast for Surfer’s for tomorrow is only 23. I know, I know…sucks doesn’t it?

Back of Hard Rock Cafe from our hotel room balcony

Back of Hard Rock Cafe from our hotel room balcony

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On the move

Samoa to Australia

sunny 28 °C

March 7 & 8th

Two days in one. It started at 1:00 a.m. March 7 when the cab picked us up to take us to the Apia airport for the 4:00 a.m. plane to Auckland, then the 9:00 a.m. plane to Brisbane. Jumped one day crossing the international date line and lost (gained), however you look at it….I turned my watch back. I think Canadians went to DST this weekend, so I am now officially 17 hours ahead of you. Caught the shuttle bus to Surfers Paradise and met up with Dean. Checked into our hotel for the next two days. We are staying at the Courtyard at Marriott. You can’t imagine how great the hot shower felt after 3 days of lukewarm to cold showers. The humidity in Samoa was so high that our suitcases were super heavy with our damp clothes. It was breezy in Surfers today so it was great to dry them out.

We chatted the afternoon away and went out for supper (nothing special) and checked out the beach…….wow, 40 miles of wonderful beach. This place is overrun with stores, restaurants…a total tourist trap but…very beautiful. We really feel the jet lag after not sleeping proper last night.March_7___8_001.jpg

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Tour around the island of Samoa

sunny 30 °C

Another bright shiny day in Samoa. We arranged a day tour of the island. We were picked up after another wonderful breakfast and begin our tour around the island. I think it could be called the waterfall tour as we ended up seeing 3 waterfalls in our round trip. The trip followed the ocean most of the way and it was interesting that most all sides of Samoa are surrounded by reef and therefore the water breaks out much further. It was only on the east side that apparently there was no reef cause they were breaking at about the distance that we are used to seeing. I think this island could be classified as a tropical rainforest as the vegetation is abundant, the trees are huge, it is 100% humidity (so it seems). We feed the turtles at one Theology School, stopped at a crystal clear cave pond and saw miles and kilometres of villages and scenery. Saw gorgeous flowers (only seen in bouquets in Canada).

Churches, I cannot tell you how many we saw…every corner had another church. Apparently there a three major religions one being Catholic, another being Methodist (I think) and a Christian Fellowship. The Samoans do not believe in cremation and that is why there is also so many graves in the front yards, respect and honour!

So one more supper and off to the airport to Auckland (4 hours) and a day later. Then off to Brisbane, a bus ride to Surfer’s Paradise and by 1:00 Sunday (yes, we’re losing a day crossing the International Date Line), we will see Dean.

When I find an off day, I will try and upload pics to Flickr for you to see. A day well spend to see all the villages, learn about Samoan culture and realize that our life in Canada may be cold but it isn’t that bad!

The best sign of the day: SLOW DOWN…..HEAVEN IS FULL!

Here's a few pics taken today.

This is very, very high...pictures are deceiving

This is very, very high...pictures are deceiving

Another resort on Samoa

Another resort on Samoa

Sopo’aga Falls or Papapapaiuta Falls or Papapapai-Tai Fall

Sopo’aga Falls or Papapapaiuta Falls or Papapapai-Tai Fall

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